OJSC SPA Burovaya technika

Well Construction Designing

Development of design and estimate documents for well construction


Currently, the JSC SPA “Burovaya Technika” places the main emphasis on the development of:
  • design documents for oil and gas wells of various purposes and complexity construction;
  • drilling programs;
  • project-specific design specifications;
  • pre-project technical and engineering sections being part of design documents for field development, namely: Justification of Well Design; Recommendations for Drilling Works Execution; Drilling-in and Well Testing Methods; Analysis of Exploratory Well Drilling.
The OJSC SPA “Burovaya Technika” provides technical supervision of the developed design documents while they go through the process of expertise and approval by departmental and state expert organizations (the Directorate-General for State Environmental Review, the State Environmental Expertise, the Russian Federal Fishing Agency, etc.).


Design documents for well construction are developed in compliance with the requirements of the following effective normative acts and regulations:
  • The Regulation on Design Document Sections and Requirements to their Contents (Approved by the RF Government Decree No 87, dated February 16, 2008);
  • Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Safety rules in the oil and gas industry" approved by the Order of Rostekhnadzor dated 12.03.2013 No. 101;
  • Federal norms and rules in the field of industrial safety "Safety rules for offshore facilities of the oil and gas complex”, approved by Order of the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision dated 03.03.2014 No. 105;
  • 39-0148052-537-87. Model of Working Project for Oil and Gas Well Construction;
  • 39-86. Guidelines on the Contents, Order of Development, Revision and Approval of Design and Estimate Documents for Oil and Gas Well Construction;
  • and other normative acts and regulations effective on the territory of the Russian Federation.
Technical calculations are performed in accordance with effective instructions and guidelines and using the software designed by OJSC SPA “Burovaya Technika” and Landmark (Halliburton).


Structure of Design and Estimate Documents for Well Construction


Design and estimate documents for oil and gas well construction contain the following sections:
  • General Explanatory Note (technical and process part). Well Construction Arrangement
  • Civil Defense Engineering and Technical Measures. Measures for Emergency Prevention / Liquidation Plan for Emergency Oil Spills
  • Environmental Protection, including Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Estimate Section.


The OJSC SPA “Burovaya Technika” has accumulated an extensive experience in developing design documents for on-shore and off-shore oil and gas well construction.
The experience and competence of the staff of the Department of Well Construction Design are sufficient for developing design documents for wells of any type of complexity.

The OJSC SPA “Burovaya Technika” holds a Competency certificate Competency Certificate for performing special types of works affecting safety of capital construction facilities.